With focus on safety

Safety thinking is something that is always present in our company. We look upon safety as a natural part of our daily work and an opportunity to maintain and develop the high level we are already at. As a result we in some cases set higher standards that are required.

Regular works with manuals

The quality of an airline can in a way being measured in its work with manuals. Manuals are something that all airlines are working with and where the airline specifies how it complies with rules and regulations. These documents is constantly updated and improved with a higher quality as result. This work is never compromised on but something that we always aside time for.s

Continuous pilot training

We can most proudly say that our pilots are among the best educated and trained in the business. Regular flight simulator training ensures that knowledge is constantly maintained and developed. For your and our safety.

Carefully selected service partners

The service of our aircraft are an important part of our flight safety. We carefully select service partners that lives up to the high expectations we have of a service partner. It gives the traveler a safe and pleasant journey and a safe workplace for us.


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